How to Talk Geordie · Jan 30, 11:10 PM

When I came over to the U.S in 2000 I brought with me a guide for understanding the Geordie accent. It was most appropriately titled “Larn Yersel’ Geordie“. If you’re looking for a Geordie accent guide, I strongly suggest you go for it. Read below for some dialogue excerpts.

There’s only a few words that my wife and U.S family have a hard time understanding since they’ve spent so much time around me (I’ve been told that they actually watch my mouth to make sure what they’re hearing is right).

We once had a family gathering at Thanksgiving and played a game of Chinese whispers. Somewhere in between my wife’s Dad (southern U.S accent), myself (Geordie accent) and my sister-in-law (northern U.S accent), the message was completely distorted. No surprise there.

— Lee



  1. yer mad kidda x

    — paul · Dec 10, 08:40 AM · #

  2. It should be “aal clout your lugs” not cloot, a cloot is a dishcloth or rag.

    — Eddie · Jul 8, 08:11 PM · #

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